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Eye Care Services


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Our Eye Doctor & Staff Offer Outstanding Eye Care in Princeton, New Jersey

Since 1987, our group has been focused on providing high-quality vision care to our patients. We appreciate your trust in us for all of your visual needs. Our experienced staff operates as a team and we are totally committed to providing you with superior service.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about our optometry services, and invite you to join our patient family by scheduling an eye appointment today. Our eye care center is conveniently located right inside of LensCrafters in the Princeton MarketFair in Princeton, NJ.

Eye Care Associates of Princeton Services Include:

  • Comprehensive exams for health and vision problems, including exams for children (from age five) and the elderly
  • Medical testing and management of glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetes and ocular diseases
  • Contact lens evaluations including 1-day disposable, astigmatic, multifocal and specialty lenses
  • Non-surgical visual correction with Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) including Ortho-K (Orthokeratology)
  • Evaluations for laser and cataract surgery, including pre/post-operative examinations
  • Eye-related nutritional counseling, including education and strategies for healthy eating and lifestyle changes
  • Medical treatment for eye conditions including dry eye, infections, inflammation, foreign body, allergies and dry-eye syndrome

Some Of The Contact Lens Brands We Carry:

  • two contactsAcuvue Oasys
  • 1-Day Acuvue Oasys
  • 1-Day Acuvue TrueEye
  • Biofinity Toric
  • Biofinity Multifocal
  • Biotrue ONEday
  • Boston RGP Lenses
  • Dailies AquaComfort Plus, Toric and Multifocal
  • MyDay
  • Paragon CRT

Some Of The Other Products We Carry:

  • BioTrue Multi-purpose Solution
  • RevitaLens OcuTec Multi-purpose Disinfecting Solution
  • Opti-Free PureMoist Contact Lens Solution
  • PeroxiClear Contact Lens Solution
  • Bruder Eye Hydrating Compress (Mask)
  • Avenova Daily Lid and Lash
  • Clear Care Contact Lens Solution
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Even without knowing the term “dry eye” or “Dry Eye Syndrome“, if you suffer from it, then you are all too familiar with the soreness, discomfort, and even the constant misery that can come with dry eyes.

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Our Princeton optometrists can help you manage your dry eye condition and will suggest the best treatment according to your eye health and the severity of the condition. Don't live with the eye discomfort, call Eye Care Associates of Princeton!

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CLARIFYE℠ is the new digital eye exam that shows our Princeton optometrists much more. This vision test is detailed and comprehensive, and every step is personalized just for you

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Ortho-K is a non-surgical, reversible procedure to reshape the corneal surface during the night for clear vision the next day. Most patients will have an initial improvement in 1-3 days.

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Your child’s prescription seems to get worse all the time. It’s more than an inconvenience. It’s a serious risk to your child’s vision.

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Our eye doctors have the latest technology and lots of experience with eye infections, scratched eye, something stuck in your eye, painful or stinging eyes and many other types of eye infections.

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According to experts, 80% of learning is visual, which means that if your child is having difficulty seeing clearly, his or her learning can be affected.

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Learn more about what your eye doctor will screen for, what to expect at your appointment, some of the advanced technology we use.

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Most individuals with allergies also suffer from eye allergies which affect millions of North Americans, particularly with seasonal allergic conjunctivitis (SAC) which is common during the spring, summer and fall.

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Eye conditions can range from mild to severe. While some are chronic, others may resolve on their own. Here's a short list of common eye conditions we treat, such as astigmatism, dry eye syndrome and presbyopia.

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Utilizing cutting edge technology, we diagnose and manage, with greater precision, diseases like Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, and Diabetic Retinopathy.

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If you're ready for an alternative to glasses and/or contacts look to us for co-management of LASIK, cataract, and other ocular surgery.