OptiLight is an IPL, or intense pulsed light, treatment designed to improve the symptoms of dry eye disease and lipid deficiency dry eye. During treatment, the patient will wear protective eyewear as the treatment is delivered to the upper cheek area, under the eyes, and around the nose. Treatment breaks up any blockages in glands and abnormal blood vessels causing inflammation.

The benefits of OptiLight treatment include:

  • Alleviating abnormal blood vessels

  • Decreasing Demodex mites

  • Improving tear breakup time

  • Reducing inflammatory mediators

  • Restoring meibomian glands

Each OptiLight session lasts 15 minutes making it brief enough to be squeezed into a busy day if needed. During your consultation, we will determine how many treatment sessions you will need based on your condition. On average, we recommend 4-6 treatment sessions.

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Possible side effects can include pain, scarring, burns, and bruising as well as damage to surrounding skin such as changes in pigmentation.